Proper introduction to NOLA and its people

Just got back yesterday from a long weekend in and around New Orleans. And, lemme tell ya, I think I now get Nawlins.

Sorta hard to believe, but this was only my second time there. Last time was all the way back in the 90s. And somehow I'd formed this impression that the place, and those who visit there for a little rowdiness and debauchery were just trying too hard. I bought into what Stephen Fry had to say about it upon his stop there in his trip across America. I'll paraphrase, but it was something like he found places like New Orleans where there's so much insistence on having a good time made it only that much harder to have an authentically good time.

So, that was my knock against it for years. But now I'm prepared to admit I clearly didn't know what I was talking about. Because finally, having done the city right -- i.e., not spending every minute on Bourbon Street, but getting out and exploring its different sides -- I can't wait to plan my next visit there.