Jonathan Shimmons

I'm a DC-based photographer specializing in events and portraiture.

After decades dabbling as a hobbyist, I somehow found the will around 2010 to put my passion to the test, first upgrading my equipment, enrolling in formal training, then gradually taking on commercial work in portrait and event photography. 

And although it has been a good deal of work, the rewards have made it well worth the effort. My interest and dedication to the craft have only increased as I've delved further into it. 

I like to say that a goal of mine is to approach each new assignment, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, as the most important job I've ever taken on. I'm constantly looking to outdo myself, to learn new techniques and try different approaches in an effort to make my work stand out. 

My subject has primarily been people, and my main interest is in trying to capture something of a person’s unique spirit. Nothing makes me happier than hearing from a customer, or someone who happened to pass in front of my lens at an event, that I've achieved this, and that a photo I've taken is treasured for this reason.  

Boston University, Center for Digital Imaging Arts (Spring 2013 graduate)